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Which kissanime is safe

Anime is now becoming more and more popular with people all over the world and mostly are uploaded on kissanime. Kissanime is one of the best website for people to watch anime.

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This website absolutely free so all anime lovers can use it to watch their favorite anime. Anime lovers also spending their hours watching anime here because it gives them everything without paying for anything. On kissanime, you can watch the episodes in video quality 240p to 1080p..  On other same websites, you need to pay so much for watching a single episode but here on KissAnime, you can watch the same episode for free that’s why KissAnime is identified. Recently, there has been news going around that Kissanime is not a safe website, it contains a virus, which can damage the computers and devices of the users.

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Besides, there are many other comments that Kissanime is safe to use and don’t have any viruses. Morever, The official website doesn’t contain any kind of malware. But there also have some other websites that fake the official one, which are full of spammers and hackers. It is completely a copy of the original website. KissAnime users need to be careful because there are so many other website creators who have created mirror website of the original one, which does not provide the access to all the videos and latest anime shows. Previously KissAnime’s official website was Kissanime.com but it’s now closed. You can use kissanime.ru which is now become the official KissAnime website which is the real web address of KissAnime. All other sources are fake therefore be aware of other web pages that are not true and contains more virusses which can destroy your devices. So the safest kissanime is Kissanime.ru .

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