How to block ads on kissanime 1 - How to block ads on kissanime? block, anime, ads

How to block ads on kissanime?

The best way to block ads on kissanime is use the software Ublock. UBlock Origin is an extension for all of web browsers.  It also works for Safari and Edge Betas.  This is a free extension that is opened to block ads.  It is designed because people are frustrated with the pop-up windows that override the current software. It allows people to implement their own content choices without being forced to see ads that annoy them.  Morever, they found a way to prevent ads from allowing you to click on ads or ads that continue to generate new messages when you try to close them. Now I will show you some methods to block ads on kissanime. First method: uBlock Origin settings. Firstly, users nees to open uBlock settings then find “ Filter List “ and click on it. Next they have to enable Adguard Base Filters under the Ads submenu and Log into KissAnime and go to user’s profile options. Finally, disable the preroll ads. Second method: Custom uBlock Origin filter. Firstly, users still have to go to uBlock settings and click on Filter List. Then Scrolling to the bottom and check the Import button and finally copy and past this link:

How to block ads on kissanime 1 - How to block ads on kissanime? block, anime, ads

Warning: ome people are reporting that this may break RapidVideo but it is still working for other people. Another methods is that users don’ have to use uBlock. At first, they need to install  Tampermonkey (Chrome) or Greasymonkey (Firefox) and then install that script. Next users have to log into  KissAnime and go to their profile options and finally diable the preroll ads. These are three best ways to block ads on Kissanime, try one of three and you will be successful

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